22 410

This is a story about a very special person. It’s a story about life and death, love and friendship, the power of faith, and of course, a story about a really good book. This is the story of a young man, whose passion for life, love, and faith carried him through life’s biggest challenges.

This story takes place during the early days of the Bible, the years before the story actually begins, and this is the story of Jesus’ own personal journey of faith. Jesus was a man who would one day take on the role of the Messiah, but first Jesus would go through a series of trials and hardships, where he was rejected by his family, rejected by his disciples, and rejected by the people around him.

This story is also the story of Jesus’s life as it is in Mark’s Gospel. Mark describes Jesus’s life in this way: “He was a ruler over the entire nation, and his disciples were to be his teachers. He himself was to go through all the troubles that were written about the kingdom of heaven, and was to suffer for them all” (Mark 8:3-5).

These trials Jesuss was through were probably worse than the trial he was going through when he was Jesus. As we can see from this, Jesus was not a king, but a servant. He was a simple person who tried to do his best, but the trials that Jesus went through would be the most difficult that anyone has ever had to go through.

22 410 is one of the most important letters of the Bible because it’s a letter from Jesus to his disciples, and it’s also the only one that really tells us exactly why Jesus was so important to them. It’s also a letter that is probably the most significant for Jesus because it was the first time that his disciples were actually entrusted with his authority. Jesus’ first disciples were not his own disciples, and they were not even disciples of his family.

When Jesus sent the first disciples out he said, “You are not the Son of God. But I tell you the truth, the Son of Man is to come with his angels.” The disciples were not expecting Jesus to send them to do something so serious. They were not ready for a message that was so important to them. While Jesus was dealing with the crowds, the disciples were still on the boat, waiting for him to tell them what to do.

The disciples were still on the boat, waiting for Jesus to tell them what to do, when Jesus came back from the ship. The disciples were ready for Jesus to send them out with disciples, but he simply told them to “go and make disciples of all nations.” That, by itself, seems like it could be just another part of Jesus’ plan.

That’s sort of what Jesus’ disciples did when they were sent out on a mission. They were sent out on a mission, at first alone, to go to all the nations and teach them to obey Jesus and to follow him. Now, I’m not sure what it means for all of us to go and make disciples of all nations.

I think disciples are a term that has a lot more meaning to the average person than anyone might realize. It’s like Jesus said that if he had come back from the dead, he would have been the greatest disciple that ever lived. He would have been the greatest disciple that ever lived because all of us need disciples.

So, for the past two weeks we have been trying to take our discipleship to the next level. We’ve been teaching them about Jesus, and the purpose of discipleship, and how to start a local discipleship group. We’ve been teaching them about the Kingdom of Heaven, and how they may be the next leaders of the Kingdom of Heaven.

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