What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About best shot size for pheasant

My wife and I were sitting at the dinner table yesterday and I was looking at a picture of a pheasant and I thought it was better to use a shot size of 6 inches. As I was getting my shot in, I realized that the bird was about 1/8 inch thick and I could see just as well with 6 inches. My wife said that she was just as good with just a 6-inch shot and I think she was right.

The most important feature of the picture is how much bird the bird has to shoot at. This is the most important feature of the picture because it’s more important than what it should be.

Most people don’t seem to realize that birds cannot see in the dark, or they would be able to see the exact size of the bird that is in the picture. Because of this, I think it’s important to know the best shot size for a bird that is in the picture. For pheasants it is best to use a 6-inch shot size because it’s the best size for them.

The best shot size for pheasants is a 6 inch shot size because its the best size for them.

Its also good to keep in mind that the best shot size for a pheasant is that exact size. Although not very often, when it is, it is absolutely fine to shoot a pheasant in a smaller size than that. The reason for this is because pheasants are not very active and they like that it is dark. This is because when in a dark room it feels safer to be a pheasant than to be a human.

In a larger shot size, a pheasant will fly off the target and be hit. But because he is not very active, he will be able to get out of the way and fly back to the target. It’s not like the bird will have a chance to fly off then.

It is true that when a pheasant is shot in a larger size it will be hit more often. But this would be an issue if the bird was in a dark room. In that case the shooter would have to cover up the blood to keep the pheasant from getting shot. But because pheasants are not very active, they will not be in a dark room.

But this is not that type of game. The shooter will be able to see the blood and cover the blood up very easily. The only disadvantage is that the blood might appear to be in a dark room, but it is not because the blood is in the same room as the target. If the shooter is using a flashlight, it is very likely that the blood will be in a dark room.

The shot size of a pheasant is a bit of an issue for me because it is too small for me. It is not small, it is just not very small. But if you were to pick a spot where pheasants are not very active, they are going to be in a dark room. I would recommend covering up the blood with a plastic sheet.

I think it’s a bit of a shame that these bullet-sized birds in general are so small. The reason is because I’ve found that a pheasant’s body is generally just a little bit larger than its head. This is, again, because I’m mostly just using it as a reference point when I shoot it. In reality, the pheasant is just getting bigger as the game progresses.

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