corral club

I was recently contacted by a local club that was having a convention in the town of El Paso, TX. There were four of us there who had our own small corral to hold our horses. We were each given a number and instructed to put our horses in a certain spot out of sight. That way, if one of us decided to leave, he or she couldn’t tell the others where we had gone.

And it worked. We all got to keep our horses. You know… in case we left. And it worked. And it worked. And it worked.

When you’re on the run for a major project, you often spend an hour or more on the road making adjustments. This is one of the main reasons that I love to go out on a mission in the middle of the night, so I’ll be writing my best moments today when I’m on the road.

And it worked. We were all in a corral.

The corral is a very old-school concept in survival horror games. It’s basically a large, open space that contains all of the animals. In reality, it’s a cage. In the game, you have to use your horse to escape from the corral and get back to your hideout. There are no animals in the corral though, just a bunch of cornered people.

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