How to Explain english water spaniel to Your Boss

I’m writing this on a cold night, and at the same time I’m watching the sun set on the water. The ocean reflects the light like a mirror. I turn to face myself and think about how I can be the best version of myself, or at least the me I want to be. After a few minutes, I realize it’s not easy, and I wish I could just sit there and be me.

When I was a young boy, I was always a bit of a loner. I didn’t like crowds, going to parties, movies, or clubs. I was a little bit afraid of crowds, and I didn’t like to talk with anyone. I didn’t like to walk to school with a group of friends because I’d rather sit in the back seat and watch. I did like to walk, though. I loved to run.

It was in my family. My mother was a beautiful English water spaniel named Daisy. She was a big, beautiful, gentle dog who loved to walk. I had a sister, who was a little bit more rough, and a father, who was a bit more rough, but still a great dog. We lived in a house with 2 brothers each with a different dog. My brothers were a bit rough, and I liked them more. I liked to listen to them.

My parents also owned a water spaniel, a very pretty, beautiful Siamese, named Daisy. We still lived in a house with 2 brothers each with a different dog. We had a very large backyard with several acres of yard. (We never had a dog walk. We never had a dog park either. We took them just because they were such cute things). The yard was so large because my dad built it himself. He had a huge yard, and he also built the house.

The water spaniel was Daisy, the Siamese was Mr. S, and I was named after a favorite person at the dog park.

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