How to Explain tweed hunting jacket to Your Boss

I’ve always been a fan of tweed hunting jackets. The combination of the luxurious wool, the thick-soled boots, and the long, full, button-fronted sleeves make it a great option for those who like hunting and fishing. Even when they’re not hunting or fishing, tweed jackets are still a must-have pair.

A lot of the games we play have to do with the rules that we use to hunt, and they don’t allow us to do that. We can just put them on the ground and hang around a yard and have a decent chance to win, with a little luck.

The problem is that we can only use the rules we learned in the past couple of weeks, and the new Deathloop rules have changed, so it is impossible for us to use them. A part of me feels sorry for these hunters, but another part of me thinks that these new rules are just a sign that the developers are tired of their job. That they want us to play the old game. But the old game is awesome, and the new game is not.

A part of me thinks that tweed is a very cool jacket, and another part of me thinks that tweed is a stupid jacket. It really has to be one or the other.

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