As a sport, skeet shooting is very similar to both clay and trap shooting in that there are two sets of stations. The shooter will stand at the first station and attempt to hit targets which they can see off to the left or right side. After the shooter has completed their rounds on the first station, they will walk down range and move over to the second station which is set up with a different target pattern.

Skeet shooting is not just about being quick on your feet or having flawless aim. Having excellent mental focus, concentration, and anticipation skills also helps tremendously in order to properly execute this sport successfully.

What is Skeet Shooting?

To put it simply, skeet shooting is a sport where the shooter will attempt to hit moving bird silhouettes called “skeets” as they move across the field. It is a controversial sport among some due to its similarities with clay and trap shooting, which some people feel are more similar to hunting. According to the ISSF (International Skeet Shooting Federation), skeet shooting is more of an “action sport” on par with golf than any other sport.

Although there are many differing opinions about whether or not skeet shooting should be included in the Olympics, most people are pretty adamant that this form of shooting should be made an official Olympic event.

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